Size Guide

Rings - How to Find Your Perfect Size



The Hands-on Method

Found the perfect ring? Follow these instructions to find your perfect size


1. Grab a tape measure, length of string or strip of paper. 


2. Wrap a measuring tape or string around the finger you plan to wear your ring on -

if you're putting together a ring stack, think about on which spot of your finger

the ring should be placed - and mark it off where it joins.


3. Lay your string or paper strip on a flat surface and use a ruler to measure the

length up to the mark. Look at the chart above to determine which size

Rossette ring is closest to your measurement






Measure an Existing Ring

A helpful method if you’re surprising someone with a gift or treating yourself.

1. Choose a ring that already fits your finger well. 


2. Measure the interior diameter of the ring in millimeters (mm).


3. Use the measurement chart above to match the size of your ring to the closest Rossette size in mm. 




Necklaces & Pendants Size Guide



The length of your necklace chain is an important factor to consider.

Depending on the circumference of your neck and the size of the pendant, it can have a significant impact

on how the necklace fits and looks when combined with other jewellery styles.


1. Measure and cut a piece of string to the same length as the necklace you’re eyeing.


2. Place it around your neck to see where it falls—the key to layering is striking the right balance. Consider the size and shape of the pendant.


3. Repeat the process to see how necklaces of different lengths may look together. 


Rossette Gifting Tips


  • If you're uncertain about the sizing of a ring or bracelet, it's best to go for the larger one - it can be more easily adjusted to fit if it turns out to be too big, instead of not being able to size up if it's too small.


  • Surprise someone special? Bring one of their favorite pieces of jewelry to a Rossette store and our knowledgeable team will assist you in finding the perfect match.



  • Size is a very individual thing. If you need help with picking the right size for you, you can always connect with a Rossette client advisor; virtually or in-store, they are available for personalized assistance.



Still having difficulty determining what size jewelry to get?

Reach out to our support team and we'll be glad to help.